Best Nose Ring Piercing Styles

70 Trendiest Nose Ring Piercing Looks from Instagram Hotties

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Be it gothic glamor, subtle statement or grunge, a nose ring is something which adds a unique charm to any look and makes you look really trendy and high street.

What is nose ring and how to get your nose pierced?.
A nose ring is a jewelry worn on the nose which has been long worn in various tribes and in India and Africa.
Nose piercing can be if various types, a simple side of the nose piercing, a septum or bull nose ring passing through the skin between the nostrils, a bridge of the nose piercing, a three-way nasal long piercing or the top of the nose piercing.

Is Nose piercing a painful process?.
This is a question asked by many. Nose piercing is a bit painful. Though side of the nose piercing does not hurt much. Septum piercing and Nasallang piercing hurt the most. You can always opt for fake nose rings if you are scared to go for the actual process.
Nose rings are of various types including horseshoe which is common for septum or bull piercing, a stud at a simple classic nose ring.

A nose ring has always been trendy with the western cultures adopting it getting inspiration from the eastern parts part of the world. They can amp up any look in an instant.
The various trends in the nose ring and nose rings can be tracked from our Instagram fashion bloggers who help to keep us up to date with the fashion. Here are 49 nose piercing ideas from Instagram which have been selected by experts and brought for you to help you get inspiration for your nose piercing.

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