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Top 70 Side Boob Tattoo Ideas Which Makes You Fall in Love With Your Inner Self!

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What is a Side Boob Tattoo?.

Tattoo either on the or the left side of the boob is called Side Boob Tattoo. Such a tattoo can be either very small like a tiny heart or can be elaborate enough which can wrap side of the boob in a crescent shape. Some popular ideas for the tattoo on side of boob are floral, symbols or scripts.

The next question which comes to every girl's mind is how to show-off their side boob tattoo. There are some females who want a tattoo on their personal space just for themselves. Others want to have a stylish tattoo done in a not so obvious place to create a style statement. Women who love their beach holidays as they can wear beautiful bikinis can definitely flaunt a side boob tattoo and create a beach style statement. Such a tattoo can also be personal just for a girl and her partner. Women wearing tops with deep sleeveless cut can increase their style statement by showing off a cool side boob tattoo.

You would fall in love with the best designs of side boob tattoo we have curated for you. Looking through them will surely inspire you to get one done on yourself too!

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