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50 Stunning Ambigram Tattoo Ideas With Best Dual Meaning

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An ambigram tattoo. What is that? While tattoos have now become a style statement and grown in popularity, it is uncommon for most people to know the names or terms of specific types of tattoos. An ambigram tattoo or more commonly known as flip tattoos are word designs where the word has been flipped, mirrored or inverted. A design such as this can be made of one word, two words or even a phrase.

Ambigrams were independently invented by John Langdon in the 1970s. He featured them on covers of books which led to them gaining popularity and finally people adopted them as tattoos.

The ambigram tattoo has risen in adoration, even making its entrance into Hollywood movies, the most notable being The Illuminati ambigram used in Angels and Demons - a Tom Hanks starter. In some designs, the meaning of the word may change after inversion. However, now the ambigram tattoo have evolved from just incorporating words into being made with pictures.

There are many variations of ambigram tattoos such as Rotational ambigram tattoos - turn your tattoo 180 degrees to get a new word. Mirror ambigram tattoos - words that are mirror images of one another. Chain ambigram tattoos - It is made up of interlinked words which form a chain. Letters of each word are overlapped meaning one word starts before the other word ends. Figure Ground ambigram tattoo - A tattoo where the spacing between letters of one word makes up another word. Natural ambigram tattoos - the ambigram is visible so rotation is unnecessary.

Down below we have compiled a list of 50 ambigram tattoos to help you decide on the one that is tailor made for you.

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