4 Nude Lipstick from KkwXKylie Collaboration

Everthing You Need to Know About the Latest KkwXKylie Nude Lipstick Collection

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Kylie Jenner has never failed to impress us with her amazing line of cosmetics, Kylie cosmetics.
Recently, the 19-year-old reality tv star and beauty business owner released 4 Crème nude shades in collaboration with her eldest sister Kim Kardashian West. The collection which is named KKW×Kylie took the internet by storm and as usual, was sold out within just a few minutes of release. It's a collection of beautiful nude shades which can help you achieve Kim's and Kylie's signature nude lips. Everything about this collection is very pretty and girly and the shades are so lovely that we cannot help falling in love with them. Read on for all the information you have ever wanted to know about these lipsticks.

What are the colors like?
The KKW collection includes:

  3. KIM
  4. KIKI

They names are really cute and the collection is named after Kim's nicknames.


  • Kimberley is the lightest color of the set.
  • It is very close to the skin color of medium toned people.
  • It is a very sheer and light shade and may need two coats for a proper color payoff.
  • It is a perfect nude for lighter women with pink or yellow undertones.


  • This is not exactly a nude color.
  • The shade is more towards rosy pink.
  • It is an orangy salmon color which looks great on every skin tone.
  • The color payoff is great.
  • It makes lips look plumper.
  • It can be worn every day, with or without any other makeup.
  • It suits all skin tones really well.


  • This is a very light hued pink color.
  • It has more of a runny texture.
  • The color might seem too light and ashy for darker skin tones.
  • On lighter skin with pink or peachy undertones, it works really well as the perfect pinky nude.
  • It can be worn every day and is a perfect work wear color.


  • This is a frosty pink color which gives a very nice glossy illusion.
  • For medium to brown skin tones, its a perfect nude.
  • It can be worn alone or over a lip color.

What is the texture like?

  • Recently, there has been a hype about liquid matte and liquid velvet matte lipsticks, but this lipstick collection by Kylie cosmetics is a completely new formula.
  • It is neither matte nor glossy.
  • It's a shiny but creamy textured lipstick collection which looks 3d on lips. The formula is pigmented enough but not as much as the matte lip kits.
  • It is a medium coverage formula. It can be layered to build intensity.
  • The formula contains ingredients to moisturize and feels hydrating.
  • The formula is very lightweight.

What is the packaging like?

  • The four lipsticks are packed in a really pretty pink box.
  • The box has the name of the collection written on it.
  • The four lipsticks are packed in the box and they come as a set.
  • The formulae are packed in frosted glass tubes with a normal liquid lipstick applicator.

Is it vegan?
Yes, Kylie cosmetics are completely cruelty-free and vegan.


  • There is something for every skin tone.
  • The formula is amazing. It feels very lightweight on lips.
  • It does not dry out lips.
  • Colors are versatile and can be worn by anyone and at any time.
  • It is great for people seeking pink nude colors.
  • The price is very reasonable for 4 lip colors.

  • You cannot purchase one color as they come as a set.
  • Like other Kylie cosmetics, these are sold out on the website. Availability of the lipstick is a problem.
  • The colors may be a bit light for brown skin tones.

How much does it cost?
The collection of 4 colors costs $45.

KKWxKylie on Twitter:

  • My 4 fave shades of nude! It's pretty much all I wear & there are so many variations so this collab is truly a collection of faves! #KKWXKYLIE. -@KimKardashian
  • Yeeeeaaaaaaasssssss bitch! I'm so excited and I love them so much 💕👅 and yes I'm gassed because I love Kim 🤷🏻‍♀️#KYLIECOSMETICS #KKWXKYLIE. - @bammcgovern
  • Another nude from the #KKWxKYLIE collection in "Kimberly". My favorite shade! - @_naturallysade
  • the KKW x KYLIE collection lives up to all the hype😍😍 best formula!!!!! - @jadeher8
  • Srsly in love with the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks 😍 - @_gennx0

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